Microsoft Access for the #NoCode Cloud

ReAccess® is the alternative to PowerApps, QuickBase, & Caspio where you own your data.

No credit card needed.

"We are your Microsoft NoCode Access DB migration experts"

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100% Microsoft NoCode Services

Azure Active Directory Security

Microsoft Power Platform Integration

Data Import & Export Built-In

Citizen Developer Friendly

Simple and Powerful Apps

Quick Start Templates

Built-In Audit Logs for All Data

Update your MS Access and Excel database

you can do it yourself... or have it built by our experts.


With ReAccess:

  • It's all in One Application.
  • ​Pre-Configured App Templates!
  • Managed Cosmos Data Storage.
  • Your Data is Safe with Microsoft Security!
  • ​All Data is Encrypted.
  • Your App Grows with your business.
  • You can build it yourself!
  • We can build it for you.

Give your users and customers secure, anywhere, access to your data with plenty of room to grow.

Nothing fancy - just an easy to use No-Code Development Platform.


Automatically create your Data Warehouse in Azure without being a database architect.

Quickly search, edit, import, export, and report on your data.

Data Management

Provides single sign-on security using Azure Active Directory.

Create simple or advanced reports with Power BI connectivity.


There are 1 billion Microsoft Access applications today. ReAccess is their new home for the next billion.

Move your Microsoft Access application or build a new business application with the ReAccess no-code App Builder today. An end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solution which empowers users to move or build apps in hours, not months.

ReAccess is secured with built-in Azure Active Directory and end-to-end Microsoft services including Cosmos DB.

The ReAccess Platform

10x faster than traditional app development.

ReAccess is a Government grade, no-code app development tool for business enterprises. If you have an app idea for you, your team, or business, you can build it using ReAccess in hours, not months. The platform uses exclusive Microsoft functions, meaning it should meet your IT teams security requirements if your business already uses Microsoft products.