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ReAccess Mission:
To empower Citizen Developers and grow the No-Code community.

Using our unique Microsoft CSP capabilities and ReAccess tools, we are empowering Citizen Developers to efficiently use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to build business applications without having to write code.

We are empowering Citizen Developers to efficiently use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to build business applications without having to write code.


Intact is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. With government, healthcare, and higher-ED as our focus. We believe advanced cloud technology solutions and no-code development platforms will make a difference in today’s cloud-connected world.


We work with companies which are working with these verticals or their enterprise, in support of Azure cloud solutions. Our solutions support responsive, accountable, and agile applications, while providing the additional security, privacy, and compliance government requires. Government, Educators and Businesses can turn to Intact to empower business users to design, implement and maintain applications, significantly cut production development time and cost while leveraging Azure cloud technologies.


Solutions using ReAccess are moving outdated, standalone systems to the cloud, while providing the security and reliability needed to stand the test of time. Businesses turn to us to empower their users to design, implement and maintain their own applications, significantly cutting development time and cost. All this is possible with the power Microsoft Azure – the #1 platform for modern cloud applications.


Because we are an innovative application engineering company, we drive Microsoft solutions and are in constant contact with Microsoft engineers, solving the complex challenges brought on by today’s modern, remote business environment. Our partnership with Microsoft reaches back to 1982, and continues to today, serving the needs of customers in the U.S. and globally. With more than thirty-five years of experience in IT consulting, we are developing solutions globally in both the private and public sector, and have been building platform services and cloud applications since 1997.


The ReAccess Team

Michael C.


Michael C "MC" is our info support for communicating to the ReAccess community. He is the person who gets the word out on all the new features of ReAccess.

Michael A.


Michael A "Ma" is our expert for connecting ReAccess to Power BI and creating reports. He also supports testing and implementation of ReAccess.



Eli is the expert with the ReAccess App Builder. The App Builder is what makes ReAccess such a great #nocode tool and easy to configure an application.



Dani is the expert in building ReAccess No-Code apps. She works with the team to design, test, and implement the ReAccess platform to support new business apps.



Kevin is our mastermind for the design and development of the ReAccess platform. He maintains the app and makes sure we are always improving the solution.



Chet is the ReAccess team admin. He supports the team and makes sure they have all the resources they need to make the ReAccess community a success.

Community Relationships

ReAccess actively supports small businesses, individual users (citizen developers), and #nocode freelancers. We provide a SaaS platform to equip, train, and support your business efforts. We are not trying to change your business model; we want to provide new opportunities for business growth. At ReAccess, we are dedicated to growing and supporting the #nocode community.

Team work

Let’s Work Together

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