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ReAccess Version 3.1.0 Release Notes

ReAccess Version 3.1.0

Release Date 8/21/21


  • New “Blank Application” option added to the App Templates page

  • New help pages and introduction tours added

  • Provided search results grid refactored

Bug Fixes

  • Bug resolved that was causing the slot id (the id used to identify the application in ReAccess) to disappear during a refresh

  • Search grid sort and filter issues have been resolved


App Builder Version 3.1.0

Release Date 8/21/21


  • For custom lists, the key/value pair can now be specified with a semicolon between the key and value

  • In the Field Builder, default values for Data Source Form Lists are now a selectable dropdown

  • Users now have the ability to update the App Name if needed

  • “Search on Server” option for the Type and Search Field provides faster results

  • New feature that allows users to export an application in the existing format or with any new changes

  • Users can reorder both Forms and Tabs in their ReAccess application

Bug Fixes

  • Search Result Layout error message has been corrected

  • Data display name bug has been resolved

  • The Save button was not enabling when removing a row from a filter by hitting Delete on the given row; this has been resolved

  • Previously, the app would crash if a row was added between other rows, then a field was added, and then removed the row on the search layout screen; this has been resolved

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