A #NoCode development platform, built on the power
of Microsoft Azure.

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Business Discussion

What are the benefits of ReAccess?

Replaces Windows desktop apps that are not secure, backed up, or compliant with state laws

Provides Security and Centralized Management of applications

Lowers the cost of Maintenance and Operations

Time and Cost to production deployment is cut in half, or more

Leverages Azure Cloud technologies for superior solutions

Empowers business users to design, implement and maintain applications

Why are customers upgrading to ReAccess in the cloud?

ReAccess is easy, secure and cost-effective.


> 1 billion

There are more than one billion MS-Access active licenses world wide, and most will not supported by Windows 10.

Easy & Cost Effective

ReAccess can migrate and deploy your MS-Access app within days or even hours. The running ReAccess app can be re-configured and deployed by the business user in minutes using our smart interface.


Microsoft’s Power BI tool integrates with ReAccess to provide analytics and reports for the user and IT. Azure Cosmos allows managed data storage and app processing.